eGovernance Activities


The ICFRE has taken lead in implementing the eGovernance programme envisaged by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, New Delhi in terms of IT Infrastructure and Capacity building. The hardware requirement of ICFRE Hqtrs were analysed and the demand met through receipt of Desktops and Printers from the MoEF and at present all the officers / officials at ICFRE Hqtrs. up till the level of LDC have been equipped with a Desktop Computer and printer.

Around 7 workshops on eGovernance and Capacity Building have been conducted at ICFRE, Dehradun, IWST, Bangalore; AFRI, Jodhpur; IFGTB, Coimbatore; CFRHRD, Chhindwara and TFRI, Jabalpur in order to study the eReadiness status at ICFRE which was highly encouraging.

Apart from the above other initiatives taken in this direction are :

Development of Indian Forestry Research & Information System (IFRIS) as a consolidated three tier Enterprise Level Portal of ICFRE.

Establishment of Video Conferencing Facilities.

Development of ICFRE Research Database Projects since 1990 accessible through address